Avaya CLI Useful Commands

One issue I have always found with Nortel/Avaya is the CLI (command line interface) is the ERS8600 differs from other ERS switches.

Here is a list of useful ERS8600 and ERS5500 CLI commands.

First the ERS8600
sho sys perf (display system performance)
sho sys top (displays network topology, directly connected switches)
sho run (display running config)
sho cli who (display who is connected to the switch)
sho log file tail (display log from latest entry first)
sho log file severity error|warning|fatal
config log clear (clears the log file)
sho tech (display all technical information)
sho ip arp info <ip address>
sho vlan info fdb-entry mac <mac address>
save config file <tftp address:filename> (notice the : between tftp and filename)
copy flash:filename <tftp address:filename> (copy any file from flash to tftp server)
copy pcmcia:filename <tftp address:filename> (copy  file from pcmcia to tftp server)
copy flash:filename pcmcia: (copy file from flash to pcmcia)
config cli more false (disable “Press Space for next screen”)
config cli more true (enable “Press Space for next screen”)
peer telnet (telnet to backup CPU for remote upgrade)
peer rlogin (rlogin to backup CPU for remote upgrade)

reload minute-to-wait 10 (switch will reboot after 10 minutes and restore the before-change config)
sho stack-info uptime (display how long the individual switches in a stack have been on-line)
sho autotopology info (displays network topology, directly connected switches)
sho vlan interface info (displays the PVID and Tagging status of each port)
sho vlacp interface (displays the status of the ports with VLACP)

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